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Jana SesowBiography: I'm a self-taught artist, born in 1964 in Nebraska who began drawing around the age of 3. Throughout school I pursued art and was active in art clubs further developing my drawing and painting skills. When I went to college, although strongly encouraged by my family and teachers to continue with art, I decided to examine other facets and possibilities. For the next 20 years, I lived a life almost completely void of drawing and painting. Around December of 2002, my oldest daughter, then age 4, began to exhibit an intense desire to draw and paint. Recognizing the importance of fostering such a burst of creativity, we provided her with a large variety of materials and mediums for her to try. Then, I sat down with her and began drawing and painting again - I have been unable to stop since. With an innate sense of color and line, I enjoy bringing excitement, energy and whimsy to my paintings. I continue to explore many mediums, pastels, oils, pen and ink, and watercolor ... I'm currently working primarily with acrylics on various supports. The themes of my paintings vary widely - portraits of pets and children to cool cityscapes and vibrant flowers. The influence of pop culture from the present and past are recognizable ... women, animals, urban spaces, comfortable interiors, primitive themes and world cultures have all made their way into my work. Country: U.S. Birthyear: 1964 Media: acrylic Style: other, Vibrant Pop Art Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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