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Jamie`s CarvingsBiography: My name is Jamie Thibault I am an Acadian woodcarver from Clare, Nova Scotia. I have been carving for over 15 years. I first began carving when I was around 12, carving tiny skateboards, (wheels and all) about keychain size. I sold a few of these at Art en Mineraux Gallery. I then got into air brushing, first on clothes than on cars, so carving took a back burner for awhile. The piece that got me back into carving was a gearshift for my car. It was a skull hand holding an eyeball. It was soft wood and I painted it. That was it, I was done airbrushing. Carving was again my passion/obsession. I made a few more shifters then began relief carvings and sculptures, also out of softwood. My first hardwood piece was using an old recycled pallet board. It has a beautiful grain, bird’s eye maple. It is the Captain and is a very special piece to me. I prefer carving with hardwood, with exotic grains and hardwood burls. I do not paint the wood, and now usually only use natural hemp oil for finish . If the piece is to be functional, such as a gearshift, it may need a thicker harder finish. My work has been part of an art exhibition at Universite Ste Anne “4 Sculptors from Clare” in October 2004. We are having another in June 2009. I have carved wildlife, portraits, wizards, dragons, gunstocks, frames, mantle pieces, canes, signs, and many other pieces. I have also hand carved two fiddles. I am now experimenting with Tagua or Corozo Nuts. They are the seed of the ivory palm found in South America. For many decades tagua has been used as a substitute for elephant ivory. I have made pendants, rings and small sculptures out of whole nuts. Give me a picture and I can carve it. Jamie’s Carvings Email: Galleries: Art en Mineraux Acadian Glass Art Gallerie Pere Legere Comeau Awards: See hundreds of photographs Media: sculpture, Hardwood Carving Style: realistic, Fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Landscapes and Nature Animals and Wildlife
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