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Izaak P SlagtBiography: Izaak Peter Slagt (born 11-05-67) is a photographer and digital artist with a strong love for themes and expressiveness. He gave up his career as a concert promotor November 2001 and started making his own photo-art fulltime since Januari 2002. Within two years after this decision, Izaak P got invited to exhibit work on exhibitions in the USA, Italy, Spain and Canada, exhibited (and still does) on several exhibitions in Europe plus he has work exhibited on 29 websites. Izaak P got a bachelor degree in Creative Art and Social Issues (including photography) and got his skills by learning from Dan Donovan (GB) from The Design Dell and Joop Slagt, his father who teached him how to use the Olympus OM 2 camera. Many times in his mainly realistic and expressionistic style Izaak P Slagt uses the nude human form. The use of expressiveness, feelings and emotions can express the beauty and power of a model. More important: this focussed power can help express what he feels and the way he looks at life. EXHIBITIONS 2003 Feb 1-28 Noli/Italy 100 Artisti Per La Pace Exhibition (3 works) March 1-15 Rome/Italy 100 Artisti Per La Pace Exhibition (3 works) April 3-15 Genova/Italy 100 Artisti Per La Pace Exhibition (4 works) April 10 – May 1 Torino/Italy L’Arte Della Pace Exhibition (1 work) April 22 – May 18 Barcelona/Spain Art Cubic Gallery (5 works) May 20-June 3 Torino/Italy 100 Artisti Per La Pace Exhibition (4 works)at L'Atelier Vox Populi June 2-28 Norwich/England Exhibition Of Small Works Insight Gallery (2 up to 5 works) July 11-12 Ede/Netherlands Peacedog Festival Country: The Netherlands Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: Insight Gallery/Norwich GB Art Cubic Gallery/Barcelona Spain L'Atelier Vox Populi/Torino Italy Noli Arte Gallery/Noli Italy Media: other, Photo manipulation Style: other, realistic and surrealistic Subjects: other, Nature, Nudes, Portraits, Close ups, Music
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