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Hettie GovertsBiography: Hettie Goverts , Netherlands Studies: Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Utrecht Art education, Rietvelt Academie, Amsterdam Worked: in Spain 1979; England 1979-81, where the Grinstead Group was formed; Sweden 1982; Portugal 1997 Wiesbaden Germany 1982, worked for the "Hessische Staats Theater"; France, 1989; Utrecht 'A Prospect of the Sea' serie The 'Rabbit Territories' and 'Antarctica'; Lagos Portugal 2002, The Hare Project and ocean paintings. 2008 stripbooks 'How are you doing';Stamp-book 'Horns and Antennas'and 'Tadpoles'. 2009 video installation 'Water'Alba la Romaine, France Sculptures installation 'Les Penseurs' Hettie Goverts' work should not be approached in an intellectual way. Her work requires no deep thought, rather an openness to one's own feelings and sensations. We see painted drawings or drawn paintings. There's a poetry of texture, a poetry of lines. The lines seem to end, but come forth and add new dimensions where solids turn transparent. The inner life of sea and land, of rock and stone is turned outward in large surfaces containing unending variations of rhythm. An interplay of forces projected on paper : objects, structures, molecules, energy patterns, as they rise and fall in time ... This all dissolves in an undefined moving chaos and talk of things not yet being given form at the 'very moment of their genesis'. Country: France Galleries: Gallery Linnaeus, Stockholm Sweden 1980, 84 Gallery Dokter Glas with the Grinstead Group, Stockholm Sweden 1982 Gallery Ankrum, Los Angeles USA 1984, 86, 88, 89 International exhibition Gallery Husstege, s`Hertogenbosch Netherlands 1984, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 Gallery Mara, Amsterdam 1989 Artfair Janskerk, Utrecht Netherlands 1990, 91, 93 Payenborgh, Utrecht Netherlands 1993 Kunsthuis 13, Velp Netherlands 1993 Gallery De Boog , 'Sporen en Elementen', Ijselstein Netherlands 1993 Huntenkunst Artfair, Doetinchem, Netherlands 1994 'Sporen' Kasteel, Wijghem Netherlands 1996 Kunsthuis 13, Velp Netherlands 1996 P'Arts, Zeist Netherlands 1999 Camara Municipal de Villa do Bispo Portugal 1999 Gallery Ingenhoven with Henny van der Meer, Esbeek Netherlands 2000 The Hare Project Fortaleza Maia Praia , Lagos Portugal 2002 Rijbroeck Art Agency, World Trade Centre Amsterdam 2003 Chateau d'Alba, Alba-la-romaine, France 2005 Stamp-album Horns and Antennas, 2008 Chateau d'Alba, Alba-la-romaine, France 2009 ink drawings,graphit drawings,video-installation,sculptures Publications: Catalogus : 'Homage aan Jeronimus Bosch', Gallery Husstege 1985 'Kunst en literatuur', Gallery Husstege 1987 'What about age', Gallery Husstege, 1989 Television program 'Jüllene Snitte' , Stockholm 1982 Art essays in The NRC by B. Rootnat 1986, 88 Collections: Provincie Utrecht Netherlands Steve Gordon collection, Los Angeles System 3R International, Sweden Cultural Counsel, Upsala Sweden Ford Motor Company, Sweden Stichting Beeldende Kunst, Utrecht SBK, Amsterdam Media: drawing, paintings, sculptures, various Subjects: landscapes and nature, The inner life of sea and land, of rock and stone is turned outward in large surfaces containing unending variations of rhythm.
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