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Francois AletaBiography: My reflexion is about humankind and its condition.The universal in the everyday life, in History. Two does the world we create act upon us in return? How can we suffer what we have created? And how does this influences our way of seeing? The other question refers to the fall. The physical fall and moral collapse...its repetition...the abandonment and the resistance. How does the infinite weakness and eternal strength define themselves in this human condition? How in everyday life humankind is overtaken by its condition? How come we can perceive the human condition in its overall. Why is everyday life the tragic life? The idea would be to say that what is universal in our mind creates the world and in return the world creates us individually. I describe this circle. Country: USA Birthyear: 1969 Galleries: Chez Rita, Roubaix -France Gary Hill studio, Seattle -usa Media: other, video Style: other, Exact Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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