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Franck BenoualidBiography: Franck Benoualid was born in Toulouse, France in1959, self-taugh . Today, Franck Benoualid is one of France?s recognized young artist . Inspired by the work of the classic Masters, Benoualid has developed his own voice, which combines elements of abstract and figurative methods . Benoualid blends color and line to create tension to each piece, while earthy, organic tones provide insight to his vision of reality. In this collection of work, we experience Benoualid?s diversity ? from his modern, humoristic opinion, to his time-revealing of the sensual body . Country: France Birthyear: 1959 Galleries: Expositions Personnelles . 2003 Opera Gallery, New-York, USA. 2002 Nevill Gallery, London 2001 Opéra Gallery, Singapour . Galerie de Passy, Paris . 2000 Tamarin Art Inc, New-York, USA . Galerie Artitude, Paris . Barbara & Publicis etoile, Paris 1999 Leah?s Gallery, Miami, USA Régine?sClub 1998 Paris Country Club 1997 Galerie Eliane Poggi, Grenoble . 1996 Galerie Frédéric Saguo, 75006 Paris Galerie Mann, 75006 Paris . 1995 Galerie de Castelnou, 75006 Paris . Media: acrylic Style: visionary Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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