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Eva GyorffyBiography: Győrffy Éva o 1931 - Born April 13th in Arad, Romania. o 1951 - Studies the art of painting at the University of fine arts ’Ion Andreescu’ in Cluj, Romania. Her masters are Tibor Kadar, Teodor Harsia and Abodi Nagy Bela. o 1957 - First exhibition. o 1959 - 1986 - Works as stage designer at the State theatre in Arad. o 1959 - Membership of the Romanian Art Foundation. o 1969 - Membership of the Romanian Art Association. Since 1971 is leading member of the Arad section. o 1978 - 1983 - the Romanian Television broadcasts several interviews about her work. o 1987 - Membership of the Hungarian Art Foundation. The art of Eva Gyorffy is expressionistic with signs of symbolism. Her portraits have a psychological content. The Lexicon of Contemporary Hungarian Art (page 765) says about her work: “ her portraits opens up a deeper layer...” After the discovery of the computer, her work became more colourful, without loosing pictorial sensibility. One of her most appreciated experiences is redesigning oil paintings in the computer and giving them several different new expressions. o 1997 - Discovery of the artistic potential of the computer. She renounces at her traditional studio and works almost exclusively by digital means.  Programs used for computer graphics: Paint Shop Pro versions 4 - 9 and X, Photoshop 7, Macromedia Flash MX. For drawing she uses Wacom Tablet big format.  Basically she builds up her digital paintings on three different ways: • painting in the computer (wacom tablet)+ filters • scanning her one oil paintings + painting + filters • digital photography + painting + filters.  She builds her one homepage by using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Front Page 2003. Exhibitions Solo exhibitions: o 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1985 one-man shows (oil paintings and monotypes) in Arad, Romania. o 1981 - Dordrecht, the Netherlands - Galerie Zavrel - oil paintings. o 1987 - Gödöllő, Hungary - Exhibition room of the University for Agriculture/Agrártudományi Egyetem kiállítóterem -’Látszat-tárlat’ - oil paintings. o 1988 - Bad Homburg, Germany - Galerie im Stadhaus - oil paintings and monotypes. o 1988 - Budapest - Kós Károly Exhibition room - oil paintings - in the favour of the ’Gönczy Pál’ Reformatory School foundation. o 1989 - Bad Homburg - Christuskirche - oil paintings. o 1991 - Mallorca - Bad Homburg - Christuskirche - Klub der Begegnung (see also books) - port... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: The Netherlands Birthyear: 1931 Galleries: Media: computer or digital art Style: expressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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