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Erick CastellonBiography: A self taught artist of twelve years, born in Guatemala, immigrated to the USA in 1978. Currently residing in San Jose, CA with my fiance and my two sons. An interest in art was sparked, during a high school art class, when traditional airbrushing became my chosen art form. Then there after, while pursuing a career in Graphic Design, a second art form became my new medium. With the evolution of software such as painter, I began indulging in the world of digital art and have produced several single as well as group portraits,ranging from the real to the sureal/fantasy art and have enjoyed capturing the diversities of our every day world and its people. I have used a variety of mediums over the years but mostly focused on Digital Art as my chosen form. Country: USA Birthyear: 1966 Media: computer or digital art Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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