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Dmitry FilatovBiography: Dmitry Filatov There is, of course, no thing insulting in the way to determine the «genesis» of artist's own creativity manner. It is not necessary to know that Dmitry Filatov's father, George Filatov, is too an artist, but once having this in mind, it is natural to start building matches and making comparisons. Especially so, since Dmitry Filatov is also a «seeker», who's granted with amazingly sharp sense of beauty. This gift paradoxically but, in fact, very naturally coincides with his passion for experiment and investigation – theoretical and abstract and yet implied practically in his paintings. Some watercolors seem marvelous and amazingly modern expression of the ancient Chinese and Japan art, in the author's interpretation. They are equally featured by laconism, exquisite of the shapes and meaningfulness. Such are «Irises» or «The Nest», for instance. However, such the symbolic «abstraction», being so exquisite, obviously does not satisfy the artist. Perhaps this is the reason for anxiety and tension in those woks. But more often the poetics of Dmitry Filatov could well be considered as the poetics of the Big City, gigantic megapolis filled with a roam and action. That could possibly be Kiev. «Possibly» - is because the city seen and created by the artist is many times bigger. Anyhow it is always named simply as «My City». Glorifying his unnamed Megapolis, Dmitry Filatov equally excited by the shine of its profile highways, by the hidden life of its small streets, and at last, by the bleak of its outskirts, where wires pull and trains run…. This Big City is not only the inexpiable source of scenarios, sometimes figured out in a logic novel, sometimes cut on the short («Pelevin. Yellow Arrow.», «Cabaret.», «Red Flowers»). It is keeping its numerous secrets, sometime complete mystical. You would have said it is a real «shelter for the devilry», if neglecting the angels, who happen here just as often as its much more malignant dwellers. Even devilry in the contemporary Megapolis is becoming indeed modern, almost ordinary. In general, the angels are free to go to the café («Angels drinking a cup of tea.»). In turn, devils as they ought to, do prefer more spooky places, with main attributes of the open bottle and the bare bulb under the ceiling. The life at the Megapolis, as it must be, is running rapidly. Feeling not simply the rhythm, but even the very nerve of this mad and often senseless race, Dmitry Filatov still remains a cont... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Ukraine Birthyear: 24 years Galleries: Media: watercolor Style: visionary Subjects: light and color
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