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Dean LindbladBiography: Mr. Lindblad has been a fine art painter since his high school years and has shown in Minnesota and sold his work nationally. His interest in formula One auto racing caused him to explore the sport as a subject for his art. Rather than concentrating on the typical racing scenes and driver personalities he has chosen to execute "portraits" of the racing machines. He works exclusively from carefully built models of the cars and sees his present work as a logical extension of the pop art canvases he executed early in his career. "It almost seems that Pop Art belongs more to this present era than the past because of the tremendous emphasis on fame, entertainment and the media." he stated. The colors, the logos and sponsorships all tie directly to the Pop Art movement. Mr. Lindblad prefers not to sign his paintings as he feels this detracts from the image or composition. He does, however, apply his "L" logo to the cars in much the way sponsors do. Rather than viewing his paintings as "automotive art" he would prefer they be seen as abstract compositions. Country: USA Birthyear: 1942 Media: acrylic Style: realistic Subjects: other, Formula One racing cars
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