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Davis LisboaBiography: <B>DAVIS LISBOA - ABOUT THE ARTIST</B> -------------------- <B>STATEMENT</B> Davis Lisboa (1965, São Paulo, Brazil), lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He is Hispano-Brazilian polyhedrical, multidisciplinary and globalized illustrator and painter, who works erasing the borders between graphic and fine arts, high and low culture, art and market, crafts and technology. The artist proposes us a reflection about the postmodern linguistic and cultural hybridization as self-portrait. -------------------- <B>EDUCATION</B> 1996-now Universidad de Barcelona Bellas Artes, Painting, Barcelona, Spain 1987–1990 Escola Massana, Painting, Barcelona, Spain 1984 EBART, Escola Brasileira de Arte, Painting, São Paulo, Brazil 1978–1982 Escola Carlos de Campos, Drawing of Communication, São Paulo, Brazil -------------------- <B>BIOGRAPHY</B> 2008  Artworks for sale in the Galeria Artevistas, Barcelona, Spain 2007 Worked as actor in “Un amor de Terry” videoart directed by Telmo Moreno, Museu Comarcal del Montsià, Amposta, Spain 2006  Artworks for sale in the Galeria San Vicente 31, Seville, Spain Artworks for sale in the Galeria Paspartú, Barcelona, Spain  Artworks for sale in the galeria espai [b], Barcelona, Spain 2005 Collaborations to Centre d'Art Santa Mònica's publications, Barcelona, Spain Artworks for sale in the Galería Kunsthaus 414, Barcelona, Spain  Artworks for sale in the Galería Gaudí, Madrid, Spain  Member of the AAVC (Associació d’Artistes Visuals de Catalunya) 2004  Worked as webmaster, Oscar's Studio, Barcelona, Spain 1998 Obtains the Hispanic-Brazilian nationality 1989–now  Worked as free-lancer illustrator and artistic painter, Barcelona, Spain   1987–1989 Worked as illustrator, ACR Graphic Design, Barcelona, Spain   1987 Moved to live in Barcelona, Spain   1987 Worked as advertising illustrator, Publigrafs, São Paulo, Brazil   1986–1987  Worked as advertising illustrator, FCB Siboney, São Paulo, Brazil   1985–1986  Worked as advertising illustrator, CBBA Publicidade, São Paulo, Brazil   1983–1984 Worked as advertising illustrator, Sempre Propaganda S.A., São Paulo, Brazil   1965  Born in São Paulo, Brazil -------------------- <B>SOLO EXHIBITIONS</B> 2007 "BMW Ibérica" Exhibition, BMW Ibérica, Madrid, Spain "BMW Cano Catalunya" Exhibition, BMW Cano Catalunya, San Cugat, Spain "BMW Cano Catalunya" Performance and exhibition, BMW Cano Catalu... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Spain Birthyear: 1965 Media: oil Style: expressionistic Subjects: other
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