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David WertzBiography: The long low vibration, the steady hum that expands souls and constricts Light. A moving stillness that envelops passion, perception and small animals. A hard smell and a warm touch like a line across our life. We speak of highs and lows and don’t know our heart. We tumble forward with great abandon and a firm grip on a lie we’ve been told. This art is created somewhere in the tension that keeps your head from exploding and your feet from being jerked cleanly from this reality. With the passion that consumes the very air you breath and a heat that warms your bones long after you walk from this life. With a longing from no where to a light from each and every one of you I stand willing to be this moment. I ask you to join me, not on the roller coaster of thought but on that wide plane without horizons and we will run to meet our fears and loathing and doubt and embrace them all. Without the comfort of confusion we walk away in the darkest night under a burning sun. Within this excitable dizziness we know we have lived, lived another moment, only so we can do it all over again Country: usa Birthyear: 1956 Galleries: Studio on the Square Riverview Art Space The Little Gallery Gallery 17 Media: sculpture Style: expressionistic Subjects: other, I do many many diffrent subjects
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