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BITA VAKILIBiography: Bita Vakili Born: 1973 -Tehran-Iran Member of Society of Iranian Painters. Member os Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts. Country: Iran Birthyear: 1973 Galleries: Individual Exhibitions: 2001-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2005-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran Group Exhibitions: 1992-Azad Art University-Tehran-Iran 1994-Jamshidiyeh Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 1994-Manifestation of Feeling -Niavaran Creation Foundation -Tehran-Iran 1995-Export Promotion Center of Iran-Permanet Fair Ground Tehran-Iran 1996-Manifestation of Feeling-Niavaran Creation Foundation- Tehran-Iran 1998-Jamshidiyeh Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2000-Haft Samar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2000-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Selection of Contemporary Paintings-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Celebration of Culture and Art-Shayan hotel-Kish Island-Iran 2001-The House of Iranian Artists- Tehran- Iran 2001-The Exhibition of Visual Arts by Tehran Femail Artists- Niavaran Creation Foundation- Tehran- Iran 2001-Members of the Society of Iranian Painters-Mehregan Exhibition-Sanandaj-Iran 2001-New Experiences Exhibition- Members of the Society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists -Tehran-Iran 2001-Members of The Society of Iranian Painters- Bahman Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Exhibition of Paintings by Female Artists from The Society of Iranian Painters-Bahaman Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2002-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-Aryan Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-The Exhibition of Paintings by the Female Artists-Ebnesian Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2002-The Exhibition to Support of Bam-Tehran-Iran 2002-Memebers of The Society of The Iranian Painters-Arge Bam-Kerman-Iran 2002-The Celebration of the Aniversary of the society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists-Tehran-Iran 2002-Members of the Society of Iranian Painters- Zanjan University-Zanjan-Iran 2002-Iranian Cotemporary Artists- Lazar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2003-Iranian Contemporary Art-Total Arts at Court Yard- Dubai-UAE 2003-The House of Iranian Artists - Tehran-Iran 2003-Beyoud the Art of Illumination: The Contemporary Art of Iran- City Escape Art Gallery- North Vancouver- Canada 2003-The First Annual Exhibition of Iranian Artists Membering the Institude for Promotion of the Visual Arts- Iran 2004-Fatima Art Gallery- Tehran -Iran 2004-Haft Samar Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran 2004-The Selection of Iranian Contemporary Arts Over Three Generation- National Musium of Contemporary Arts- Armenia 2004-Cite' internationale des Arts- Paris-France 2004-Ebnesina Art Gallery-Tehran- Iran 2004-Assar Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran 2004- The First Tehran Art Expo-Vahdat Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2005-Members of the Society of the Iranian Painters- Aban Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2005-Spiritual Art Exhibition-Niavaran Creation Foundation-Tehran-Iran 2005-Mah Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran 2005-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2006-Nature in Oriental Art-Saba Artistic,Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2006-The first exhibition of iranian contemporary art,in support of cancer patients-Niavaran Creation Foundation- Tehran-Iran Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature
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