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American Art ConnectionBiography: Free Linking Site listed in many places. Created by an artist to work with other artists to gain viewers to their work. Has now been getting National and International viewers. It is tough to get attention in this Internet land when there are so many artists vying for a client base. This is one resource to check. Owner spends time on the site personally getting the site listed, researching the most effective ways to promote the site, and finding new artists. Made into an only American Artist's site to keep the competition down right from the start. Site can be viewed and more information can be found at Any type of artist is welcome to apply, criteria *1 must be viewable for all ages, *2 must live in one of the States. Artists who are accepted are generally put on the front page as a monthly featured artist once an opening occurs, to help each artist promote their work further. Country: United States of America Birthyear: 1968 Galleries: Most artists already listed have been shown and have art hung all over the world. Many have degrees in the art field, and make their living doing what they love in their respective fields. Media: other, Mixture, we have painters, sculptures, photographers Style: other, Mixture, many styles found Subjects: other, Each artist uses various subjects
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