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Allan LinderBiography: Allan Robert Linder was born in September of 1966, the great grandson of Italian immigrants from Barilla, Italy. His father deserted his family when Linder was only eight years of age, leaving Linder and his three siblings to be raised in a nomadic lifestyle that prominently plays in his body of work. A versatile artist from early childhood, Linder instinctively knew how to draw and covered reams of paper with his imagination. He was first taught how to paint by his mother who was a professional artist during the 1970s. With his stepfather in the military, Linder attended more than eight elementary schools around America further diversifying his social perspective. Linder accepted his stepfatherís surname, Shaw, and painted as Allan Shaw for most of the years between 1979 and 1995, making these unique Shaw paintings collectible today. At the age of fifteen he was acknowledged nationally in the top ten percent of art students in America. Continuously moving and living in more than one fifth of the states, Linderís family eventually settled in Los Angeles where he fervently began pursuing his career as an artist. At eighteen Linder was awarded the Bank of America award for achievement in art and given a financial scholarship. In 1985 he exhibited his already substantial body of work in his first gallery showing, exhibits of which now spread from Los Angeles to New York City. With the advent of his thirtieth birthday, Linder forsook the Shaw name, finally accepting his true family name despite his fatherís abandonment. Allan Linder is currently exhibiting at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York City where he lives. He also has a permanent collection on display in Los Angeles. He continues to work with a fever of enthusiasm and unceasing passion, endlessly producing painting after painting. With hidden faces with different expressions, symbolism, and inspiration by the message, Linderís paintings elucidate and perplex at the same time. Country: USA Birthyear: 1966 Galleries: 2002 - Group Exhibit, "Seasons" Galeria Mali Villas Boas, Sao Paulo Brazil. 2002 - Group Exhibit, "America" Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, NY. 2002 - Group Exhibit, "BluePrint of Life" Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho NY. 2002 - Group Exhibit, "ReBirth" Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho NY. 2001 - Group Exhibit, "Primitive" Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho NY. 1999 - Solo Exhibit, "Retrospective" Hollywood Warehouse Gallery, Hollywood CA. 1997 - Solo Exhibit, "Secrets" Creative Intelligence Agency Gallery, Burbank CA. 1995 - Solo Exhibit, "Thoughts and Dreams" Private NoHo Gallery, Hollywood CA 1993 - Solo Exhibit, "Inner space/Outer space" The Balboa Gallery, Northridge CA. 1992 - Group Exhibit, "Black and White" Installations One Gallery, Encino CA. 1991 - Group Exhibit, "Our Changing Times" Berlin Wall series. Minus Zero Gallery, CA. 1990 - Group Exhibit, "Words and Images" Berlin Wall series. Installations One Gallery, CA. 1989 - Solo Exhibit, Los Angeles International Art Exposition, LA convention Center, CA. 1988 - Group Exhibit "Portraits" Installations One Gallery, Encino CA. 1986 - Group Exhibit, "The pencil and itís potential" Installations One Gallery, Encino CA. 1984 - Solo Exhibit, titled "Fantasy" The New Gallery, Los Angeles CA. Awards: 2002 - Award, Peoples Choice Award, ABC, Sydney Australia. 1991 - Award, Visual Feast Award, Emerging Magazine, Los Angeles CA 1984 - Award, Bank of America Award for artistic achievement. Los Angeles CA 1981 - Award, National award for artistic achievement. Los Angeles CA Media: acrylic Style: other, Neo-Bohemian Art Subjects: other, Life
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