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Albert WilkingBiography: Artist's Statement I believe life is a great adventure. From the day that I was born in Anaheim, California in 1963 until my father died in 1976, we travelled and daytripped constantly, camping throughout the West, visiting "people, places and things", as my Dad used to say, National Parks, museums, galleries, street festivals. We also went to Disneyland, where I was exposed to the beautiful Utopia and playful theatre of Walt Disney's mind. Eventually we moved first to New Mexico, then to Texas and finally, we settled in New Brunswick, NJ when I was about ten. Throughout our travels, and wherever we lived, my father would photograph and paint: the Watts Riots of 1968 in LA, landscapes and wildlife on our travels. His favorite subject was his family in all the various settings he took us too. He was trying to capture time with his pictures. He taught me to capture people, places and things. When I was about 7, my father determined that I should become an artist and so he started me sketching on a daily basis, laying the foundation for a lifelong discipline. He gave me the basic rules of composition, and helped me learn how to distinguish which of the sketches I had done was the best one to develop into a painting. My father also pursued galleries and newspapers on my behalf, so that by the time I was 12, I was exhibiting and selling paintings regularly and getting lots of press! These days, I start my day drawing for about 2 hours, then I paint for about 4-6 hours. I do a stream of consciousness type drawing until from this a memory, an idea, and or an image emerges which has the necessary dynamic. From there, it becomes a collage of thoughts about people, places and things. I boil the thoughts and images down to their most symbolic forms, a kind of alchemy. I want my art to be archetypes of the human experience. Biography Born in Anaheim, CA, he had his first solo show in 1973 at age 9. 1986 BS from the College of New Jersey. 2000 New School University, NYC 2001 Pratt Institute, NYC Albert resides in NYC and Trenton, NJ, with his wife and son. Exhibitions Current Exhibitors Rhinehardt-Fischer Gallery, Trenton, NJ River Bank Fine Arts Gallery, Stockton, NJ 55Main Gallery, Bisbee, AZ 2001 Nascimento, 1st Ave, NYC Robertsons, Wall St, NYC Stacy Studio, Union Square, NYC Rheinhardt-Fisher Gallery, Trenton, NJ 2000 Urb... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: 1963 Galleries: Flag#1 was just Acquired by the Queens Museum of Art through the Monique Goldstrom Gallery Media: acrylic Style: other, My style is like Picasso on holiday with a dash of Miro Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Creations from my imagination
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