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Adrian WelchBiography: Adrian Welch is an artist/photographer/designer with a Summa Cum Laude in graphic design. His work has been published internationally, and has won several awards for outstanding graphic design, photography, and photomontage. Adrian Welch's work has been featured in numerous ezines, including Scarlet Letters: The Journal of Femmerotica, Blood Moon Zine, Mind Caviar, and Clean Sheets, as well as print publications such as Mac Design (USA), and Cupido (Norway/Denmark). In addition to art and photography, he specializes in photo restoration and retouching, fantasy and historical portraiture, web design, interactive multimedia, and costume design. A Miami native, he currently resides in the Boston area. About the Art Adrian's work is created from an intricate blending of digital and film photography, scanned objects, video stills, and illustrative effects within Photoshop. Inspirations for his art include history, spirituality, carnality, psychology, mythology, and nature, with distinctly pagan, gothic, erotic, and fantasy themes. Welch's online presence includes a virtual art gallery featuring scanned graphics, multimedia installments with different themes, literary content, and an interactive feel. Over 200 print titles, custom framed pieces, merchandise, and original pieces of art are also available for sale there. His website and artwork has been hailed as "original" and "breathtaking", and has garnered praise from luminaries at Photoshop User magazine, Propaganda magazine, and Taschen Publishing. Adrian Welch presents his viewers with a series of dreamscape vistas straight from the gothic depths of the subconscious. As seductive as a lie you truly want to believe, here is art fashioned from the beauty of the human mind, that instrument so capable of contrariness and evil. Delve deep if you dare... Artist's statement: "The only thing we as a civilization leave as a legacy for future generations to discover us is the things that we have created. " Country: USA Birthyear: 3-9-66 Galleries: Mazmanian Gallery Framingham, MA MDCC Gallery Miami,FL Awards: Design Showcase: Mac Design Magazine, Jan/Feb. 2002 FSC Design award 1999 Award for Digital Montage: Mazmanian Gallery, Framingham, MA 1999 Photography Award: Renaissance Historical Society of South Florida Miami, FL 1992 Media: computer or digital art Style: fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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