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Adib FattalBiography: Adib Fattal was born in 1962 in Washington D.C As the son of a diplomat, Adib spent most of his life in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. He graduated with a B.B.A in International Marketing from the City University of New York. Having spent some years in the field of business and banking, Adib decided to abandon it and dedicate himself to his original love : graphic art. At present , he lives on a farm in Syria at the foot of Mount Hermon where he paints, farms and looks after his dog, cat, and a large collection of birds including a clever parrot. My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities.The majority of these cities and villages are inspired by middle-eastern architecture and life. My villages tend to be almost all my imagination, while the city ones often have a real existing landmark. However this landmark I make richer and more intricate then it is in the real world. I also sometimes paint fantasy paintings, however it remains having the same style as my primitive art paintings Short Desription: A Middleeastern Naive Primitive Folk artist Arab art Islamic art Syrian art International art Country: Syria Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: Exhibition : To date, Adib Fattal has exhibited in the Middleeast, Pakistan, Europe and Canada Joint exhibition sponsored by Shell Company at Maktab Anbar, Damascus , May 2001; Solo exhibition at the Istitut francis d'etudes arabes de Damas, April 2003; Solo exhibition at the Ishtar Gallery, Damascus, December 2002; Solo exhibition at the American University of Cairo on the occasion of "The Year of Palestine.", April 2003; Solo exhibition at the Nassir Shawra Gallery, Damascus, June 2004; Solo exhibition at the Orex Expo in Montreal, Canada, in July-August 2004; Solo exhibition at the Safrkhan Gallery in Zamalek, Cairo in April 2005; Solo exhibition at the V.M art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, December 2006; Solo exhibition at the Primitive Art Gallery , Cracow, Poland , September 2007; Solo exhibition at the Otrebusy Museum of Folk Art, Warsaw, December 2007; Solo exhibition at the Galerie Janine Rubeiz,Beirut,June 2008; Joint exhibition at the Camden Art Gallery,London,October 2008; Solo exhibition a t the Zamaan Art Gallery,Beirut,Lebanon,May,2009; Joint exhibition at the Hammer Gallery in Holland,Amsterdam, November,2009 Solidere Gallery in Beirut ,Lebanon,in the month of May 2010.Solo Future Exhibitions: Frieh Gallery in Manama,Bahrain,in the month of Oct.2010.Solo 4walls Gallery in Dubai,UAE,in the month of Jan.2011.Solo Spontanious Art Museum,Brussel, Belgium in 2011.Exact date not yet set Media: other, Acid Free Markers Style: other, Primitive art / Naive art/Folk art Subjects: other, Cities and Villages
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