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Alessandro Iacopelli, in art MADH, was born in Rome in 1982. already in young
age him passionate to the insect, for their form perfect and harmonic of the
body and their adaptation to the word around them. After the first school,
him decide art school college. When bought a sophisticate digital camera him
fascinate to shooting a pictures the favourite animals, and decide to hunt
them. (is not for true).and he went around the word in the must big jungle of
this planet for many days and snapped amazing pictures. One day just for
joke, from waste of aluminium, did the first metal insect, remained fascinate
for what him did, after no more time him perfected the Technical assembly,
and noe him make a real masterpiece of metal. Alessandro graduated in Academy
school of art of rome in the February of 2009 with maximum score, summa cum
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