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Press Release:

The Italian artist Sandro Bisonni invites us into a dramatic, natural, magical world with his intense, fiery brushstrokes. Embracing the elements of the fantastical, his work can be dark, reminiscent of a fairy-tale forest. Though whimsical, there's nothing childlike about these abstract oil paintings. Bisonni gives the viewer the sense of stepping into a dream, of paths untraveled, ends unknown. Waves of greens and grays and the light that penetrates them are almost clues, imaginary patterns to follow, that may lead only to more questions. At one moment his paintings may conjure a skyline, or a road, or a breaking wave, but at another glance they represent an entirely different, new idea.

Bisonni is background in philosophy informs these subtle concepts. Influenced primarily by the American painter William Congdon, Sandro Bisonni's own voice is vibrant and moving. He offers us a surprising approach, encompassing in his paintings both the real and imagined. Bisonni does not allow us to hesitate - we must delve into the world he creates, unknown but possible.

Chelsea New York City
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