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Pietro Uguagliati was born in Padua on November 26, 1945. He lives and works in Padua. He
approached painting as
a self-taught painter, tending towards the modern figurative style, realized with such techniques
as: oil, charcoal and
china. He held and took part in several personal and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and
abroad. Among the most
recent ones we mention: personal exhibitions in Venice, Padua, Belluno, Bologna; and abroad in
Brunnen and Zurich in
Switzerland. Exhibi-tion of Garibaldi's Centenary;Meeting "Amici dell'Arte e del Pattino"; 1986 -
"Confronti".Villa Contarini
Simes; 1987 - personal exhibition at "Villa Valmarana"; 1988 - "Confronti". Villa Contarini .
Among the collective ones and
the competitions we recall those held in Venice, Padua, Sottomarina, Polpet and the International
Kunst in Switzerland.
He took part in several reviews, winning prizes and recognitions: Nomination for Academician of
the Tiber and Member
of the Union Legion d'Oro; Certificate of Esteem from the North West University London; Diploma
of Esteem from the
Mayor of the City of Ponte San Nicolo; Participation to the 2nd Edition of the International Jubilee
of Peace, Rome;
Nomination for Academician of Merit, "The World of Jnana Sadhar”, India.
Among the prizes: Milan City Prize, Cenacolo della Simpatia; Holy Year Prize 1983. Catalogue of
Sacred Art "Viva";
GoldenTarget Prize 1984;Prize in Campidoglio;Prize "La Lizza d'Oro" 1984-Anthology "Panorama
Poetico Oggi";Cultural
Prize "Hermes"; International Prize for Peace-Campidoglio 1985; 1986-Golden Target- Fine Arts
Gran Prix - State Art
Manifestation, with the collaboration of Fabbri Publishers; Golden Target of the Prize "Portus
Veneris - L'Arte Italiana"
City of Porto Venere. La Spezia; 5th Artistic Literary Prize "La Lizza d'Oro", Marina di Carrara;
Biennal of Art of Venice,
Excelsior Hotel, The Lido; Biennal of Art of La Spezia; Golden Target " I Maestri del colore - Grandi
Artisti dal '47 all' 87".
Daily newspapers have written about him: II Corriere Laziale; La Notte; Corriere di Roma; II Pattino
-1 Poeti del Club;
II Gazzettino; II Pattino n° 8.

He is mentioned in several publications and Art catalogues: 300 Consigli utili per II collezionista;
L'Elite Italian Art
Edition 1984; Mondial Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Artists; Comanducci;Catalogue Biennial of
Art; International
Catalogue of Contemporary Artists "La Bitta'; Big illustrated Dictionary of Contemporary Art
Masters 1984-85; Un Anno
d'Arte. Fabbri Publishers Comanducci Year-book n° 12: L'ELte Italian Art Selection 1956; General
Catalogue of Fine
Arts Prize 1986. Fabbri Publishers. Guide to Collectioning by Carlo Occhipinti; "I Maestri del
Colore - Grandi Artisti dal 47
all'87'; Corned Year-book 1988 - Collective Exhibition in Castelfranco Veneto. "I Paesaggisti
Veneti” by Paolo Rizzi,
International Catalogue of Modern Art M.D.S. n. 4 - Cida Art Editions Rome, Artisti Triveneti 88
Census - Arte Triveneta;
I Quadrato, Arterama; I Pittori del Novecento. Le Firme, Encyclopaedia of Art, Lombardia Art.
Some of his works belong
to private and public collections in Italy and abroad (Mario De Luigi, the sculptor Massimo
Facchin, the painter Bruno
Milano ). E. Moro, Carlo Occhipinti and other art culture experts have talked and written about his

In the paintings by Pietro Uguagliati we can feel the artist's heart-beat.
There always is, in the fantastic world of art, a spare (unfortunately) "group" of sublime men who
rise above others
with majesty; it is a group of men who have made art their main, irrefutable aim of a lifetime (art
and life contemplate
and complete themselves, we maight say). However art is not only their aim, but also the breath
of their souls. They are
the pillars of that Love, of that Passion which made and make great (and in greatness they did not
become proud)
the best children of our, though unhappy, Italy. They were able to pass through the filter of
merciless criticism and did
not complain about it, but (without avoiding obstacles) they were able to overcome every
difficulty and thereby win.
They sought sacrifice, not glory; their glory was the expression of their uncontrollable love for
Fine Art. We may also say,
they "worked" and well..
In contemporary art, how many are really great artists? How many of them are really and
dispassionately committed
heart and soul to Art? Hobbying is in fashion and some artists, helped by "means", by prospective
profit , by their ability
to get in "everywhere", have burnt their boats (or they believe so), putting themselves in front of
other people,
supporting an art that art is not. As a matter of fact, visiting some Galleries will suffice..
Now we have an artist like Pietro Uguagliati who comes out from (some) contemporaries, who
reveals an authentic
value, who crushes every blandishment and every affirmation to impose his brush stroke , his
powerful action. He is an
artist who can say in front of the surrounding world (a wonderful world: Venice!):" I have bowed ! I
have been able to
honour Painting and the National and International Art “.
Pietro Uguagliati is a name, a "mark" of warranty, whereby real and typical art continues to exist,
to excite surprise and
delight in the human heart.He is a painter who is bound to the past with a modern stroke of the
brush. Past and
present form a pair of beauty and exhaustive ideal maturity of formation in splendour, in
clearness and honesty.
His canvases remain to dictate wonders of visions, of particular moods, of feelings deeply
nourished for a long time, with charming colours, full of sweetness and perfect atmosphere.
You can feel the artist's heart-beat: among trees, avenues, water canals, in the basins of the
Serenissima, among
gondolas that silently go or wait for couples in love at the dockings.His painting is all poetry,a
delight for the fascinated
soul, which is bound to the natural and exclusive beauties of the Lagoon, of the Doges. There are
immortalized visions,
silent dialogues between heart and sea, between aspirations and positive realizations of grace,
prestige, sure fervid
mystic action, for all that goes through his good heart; a heart that is quiet, resolute, ready, full
of innate sense of
immortal inspirations , of veneration for an art that explains without effort and has been coming
from his heart since
twenty years. It is not just "brain": there is more to it than that. It is instinct and talent, typical of
Pietro Uguagliati.
His painting is a song of joy, is poetry, a chorus of alleluia for all Nature, the most lovely or the
humblest, the most
romantic and sensible. First he assimilates, takes from visions, then paints his canvas with reality,
but (as we said) with
a modern stroke of the brush. And these are all emotions that Uguagliati feels and quickly
transposes onto his canvas
with a tender hand , with respect, with an artist's sincerity. Also with vivacity, with bold certainty.
Landscapes, still-lives, flowers proclaim a well defined and well made disposition, both in
drawing and in the harmony of
the movement. Pietro Uguagliati is a today's painter, who honours the past and projects
splendour and lasting values
into the future. He is a painter of today's and tomorrow's Italy; he is an artist of the New Europe,
who deserves applause
and more flattering appreciations.
Rome: March 23,1990.
Remo Alessandro Piperno

Pietro Uguagliati is an all-round many-sided artist who has been awarded the Biennal Trophy of
Venice, Excelsior
Hotel, Lido di Venezia for his artistic and organizing activity. A painter, a sculptor and a graphic
artist, he is the founder
of the art portal www.globe-arts.net.

Leone d'oro - Biennale di Venezia - Hotel Excelsior - Lido di Venezia; Targa d'oro - "Premio
Portus Veneris" - L'Arte Italiana
Porto Venere; Riconoscimento di merito "Giubileo Internazionale della Pace" - Campidoglio -
Roma; Targa d'oro - "Gran
Premio Belle Arti"; I° Premio Nazionale - Riconoscimento "Mostra del Centenario" - Giuseppe
Garibaldi - Camera dei
Deputati - Roma; Riconoscimento di merito "I Maestri del Colore" - Roma; Riconoscimento di
merito III* Edizione "La Lizza
d'Oro"; Premio Polpet "A.Boito" - Arte Sacra; Riconoscimento di merito - "Arte Sacra" Campidoglio
- Roma; Premio "A
Silent World Fellowship of Culture, Wisdom & Unity" - India; Riconoscimento di merito
dell'Università Inglese North West
London University - Londra - "Enciclopedia Mondiale degli Artisti Contemporanei"; Premio "I°
Concorso Nazionale di
Pittura, Grafica e Scultura" - Premio "Nello Beghin"; Riconoscimento di merito "Collettiva di Artisti
locali" - Padova;
Riconoscimento di merito "Cenacolo della simpatia" - Il Corriere Laziale; ..

The fantastic realism in Pietro Uguagliati's artistic view.
The descriptive lyrism of the pictorial work of Pietro Uguagliati comes from a vital experience;it
falls on the interiorization,
the invisibility, the non-appearance and strives to catch the cosmic breath over the visual limit of
the eye.
The landscape is seen, in his works, as an oasis of peace, where the most pregnant emotion
expresses itself in the desire
of merrily living, according to that still human dimension that is going to be lost for the hurry and
the problematic
involvements of our days. No didactic purpose interferes with the contemplative behaviour
experienced by the artist
and its realization in a visual form. The freshness by which the observation of reality is translated
into a poetry free from
any preconceived intellectual ideas is valuable indeed. To realistic needs, necessary for such a
process, the artist adds
the astonishment with which he observes certain particular habits,changing what might appear
news into revelation.
Herefrom derives a painting whose adhesion to truth assumes the colour of a vague sense of
fabulous. As a matter of
fact, this condition is suited to his ecstatic and innocent world which, in the evocative purity of
the landscape, runs
along the ways of an inspiration that is free from intellectual factors. Nevertheless this candour of
him avails itself of a
really peculiar mastery of perspective which shows how our artist is able to melt the naivety of his
instinct with the skill
of a modern technique. In this sense, in all Pietro Uguagliati's production the aesthetic element
becomes the support
of the behaviour he assumes in front of nature as a sincere mirror of simple and therefore more
genuine emotions. The
figurative results do not overcome the objective value of the image; the emotion shows its
presence in a quietly
sensual chromatic impasto and in the epidermic plasticity of surfaces, which give life to
enthusiastic visual operations.

Five years ago, my attention was drawn by a painting: "A Wide Dock of San Marco with St. Giorgio
Isle". It was a
schematic picture, but also one of undeniable spatial suggestion , with serpentine waves of a
flashing black colour.
Since then Pietro Uguagliati has improved his technique, retaining his peculiar use of drawing in
perspective. Now,
I'm looking at another painting: a wide landscape marked by horizontal stripes.The stroke of the
brush is more fluent,
concise, of a light substance. What catches the eyes is the cloudy sky : it seems to be in
movement, in turmoil, with a
strength that I would define symbolistic-expressionistic art, The subject of the clouds has
inspired many artists and
among the Venetian ones, above all Guglielrno Ciardi. So, looking at the examples of the
past,Uguagliati has given
me the impression that he is attempting a light, ethereal, extremely changeable modern form.
The painting has a
suggestion of its own. Also looking at the other recent artistic production of this Paduan painter,I
have to admit
that he has an undeniable technical coherence. The base is rendered with an immediacy without
tricks, but it is
unripe and almost virginal. The stroke of the brush is light, immediate, spontaneous; the colour
changes from harsh,
though clear, tones to certain blends of azure and rose; the image seems to take shape without
effort , with a kind
of natural happiness. Uguagliati is a self-taught painter: he doesn't want to fall into cultural or
literary tricks of the
trade. He paints in purity. For example, "The Euganean Hills after the Storm": it is a painting of
well lighted refractions
on azure vapours, like an apparition caught in its being a phenomenon. There is a sensation of
lightness, a wish for
clear spaces and open skies. On the ground of these good results it is likely that Uguagliati will
be able to refine his
delicacy more and more. In another painting there are some grey horses galloping towards
distant lands. Now I'm
following them with my eyes while the atmosphere is becomig brighter and brighter. It is
important for him , as well
as for every painter, to reconcile the expression to his inner instinct, or better, to the desire for a
light that shines
December 1989 Paolo Rizzi

Venetian Landscape Painters.
Three horizontal coloured bands, variously mottled with light: this is the landscape of Pietro
Uguagliati. A synthesis;
then a mood, too. The inclination for purity is evident, as in a process of "Mondrian-like"
sublimation. You can feel his
need for order: a physical order, and a mental one, too. What catches the attention is the right
fusion among the
three bands; down there is the violent yellow, imbued of a light at the manner of Van Gogh; in the
center there is
the shadowy vibration of green trees; then the sky, limpid and calm, made of a light depth,
Evidently our painter is
a master of his means. He uses them according to what his perception of the natural fact dictates.
The white light
of a little house peeps in on the left, as in the beginning line of a poem.
Paolo Rizzi

Pietro Uguagliati is a Paduan self-taught painter, who has worked for about twenty years dealing
with different
subjects, which vary from hill- to seascapes, from still-life to view, to a series of canvases
inspired by bullfight and
In his oil-painting he has often suggested subjects of the Venetian countryside, rendered by well
coloured touches
of the brush, which define the whole structure, describing the environment in the different
seasons. The human
figures seldom appear in these paintings, because the author's attention is above all centred on
nature, seen as
a pleasant and changeable sight. In his latest paintings,Uguagliati has changed his subjects,
proceeding from the
representation of fields in the reddish daybreak-light and the movement of the water of the
lagoon in the sunset,
to the representation of peculiar atmospheric phenomena, such as the condensation of thick
clouds on the hills for
the approaching storm and the quick movement of the clouds carried by the wind in a spring
sky.Deviating from a
simply illustrative language,Uguagliati is now founding his research on colour,which is considered
as a constructive
and meaningful emotional element and sometimes is used for tone-contrast.The author also
expresses himself with
charcoal drawing by which he has painted some sacred subjects, outlined with a fullness of
rhythms and a firm
volumetric line in the figures, as though he wanted to emphasize the solidity of our Faith.
Laura Sesler

Although it is easy to pinpoint the figurative references in the works of Pietro Uguagliati,they
reach the outmost limit of
any naturalistic atmosphere and tend (through the assumption of an iconography made of open
spaces and horizons
which fade away in the ever-present flight of perspective planes) to a simbology of scenic
elements in which a sense
of metaphisycal suspension falls, which seems to pay attention to an inattentive conscience with
renewed energy.
Not by chance,in Pietro Uguagliati's works every anecdotal or particular detail is absolutely put
aside,in order to signify
the image in its more essential entity and as emblematic presence with a high symbolical value.
The formal contents,
realized with a great technical mastery of the use of colour and light, and the ideologic, semantic
contents here are
perfectly blended in a painting full of cultural implications, but also of immediate and effective
expressive ability.
E. Moro

The images, which define Pietro Uguagliati's painting and characterize a certain kind of figurative
painting, are what
comes from a meditation and a consequent narration full of inner problems,which tend to the
exclusive representation
of thoughts and visions taken from the intimate world of our artist. The reference with reality
here becomes a pretext
and the same reality undergoes a deep transformation, through an elaborated mental synthesis,
forming then what
will be the authentic and definitive image of the work. This is the way in which forms and
elements alter the objective
detail, re-proposing it in the infrastructures of a suggestive vision. The same rhythm of the
composition, marked by
unceasing lights and volumes, is a one thing with colour; it is suggested by it and blends with it.
Our artist seeks the
overcoming of the limited observation, the variability of the staticity of objects and elements, in
order to
characterize the appearance of every thing; there are new and modern cuttings which serve to fix
visions of nature andpursue a constant poetry , made of persuasive , never dissonant shades.
Carlo Occhipinti

Phone: +39 388.6017681
Mail Personal: uguagliati.mac@mac.com
Site: http://www.creativionline.net/pietro_uguagliati/home.h tml
Sype: Pietro.Uguagliati

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