Patrick Burke

Self Portrait in Dark Space
© 2017 Patrick Burke

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Patrick Burke Born on October 9 1958 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He received
a BA in graphic design from Western Connecticut State University in 1983.
However, the most important education, inspiration, and realization of his
true potential and artistic depth came from the four summers he spent in
Woodstock NY at a school called "SUMMERWORKS" which was the brain child of
his mentor David Holzman. While at SUMMERWORKS Patrick also studied under
Frank Bozzo, Sam Martine, Jason McWharter, Gerry Contreras, Marshall Arisman,
Robert Giusti, Robert Weaver, David Wiseltier, and many other great artists.
Patrick's Art is mainly expressionist in essence, but also contains elements
of surrealism, modernism, primal, and futuristic imagery.

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