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Mary Agarwal is a perspective artist from Michigan with a backbround in architectural illustration, fine arts and photography. Her artwork shows influence from the Imrpessionistic painters who studied light, color and atmospheric effects along with detailed illustration skills of an architectural renderer. Her passions are visually capturing the beauty seen from her state of Michigan. She also concentrates on animal(canaine & horses) nature and brilliance of simplicity seen in modern architecture and Asian art. Her drawings range from being monochromatic, minimalistic, and highly stylized to being realistic renderings with color intensifiction.
The style she uses to depict her subject matter is intuitive. She observes, connects and feels thetrue essence of her subject matter. She's motivated by that magical moment, the energy and soulful feeling of her subject matter and/or just that unique view. Thank you for viewing this and your comments are greatly appreciated. Originals are sold by contacting me on my email address. Agarwal Agarwal Fine Arts
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