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Dream Catcher
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I love what I do with a passion. I have never been to art school, but I think the most important remedy for any artist is that the artist has to have great passion about what they do. Also it isn’t about becoming famous, it is all about what you feel when creating an art piece and what other people feel.
I began creating art pieces as a child. I used it to escape from reality. Like millions of other children I too came from a broken home. At an early age I became a child victim of sexual – violent – mental and rascal abuse.

Through art I was able to express hidden inner emotions; a child’s cries for help, or if preferred enter a world were abuse was non-existent which generated fantasy.

At the age of 5 years’ old I drew a picture that soon grabbed my teacher’s attention so much; my parents were ordered to attend my school. When a child of this age reveals a picture consisting of a grave – crucifix with “MAM” written on it along with dead bodies and a crying child, certainly speaks volumes’. Only during the 1960s there were no organizations such as Childline, or even a Child Protection Register; hitting a child was believed appropriate punishment for bad behaviour.

I was born April 15 1962 in Cardiff. To be Romany Gypsy did create colossal troubles even dangers during childhood. Although I lived in a house, my father’s reputation followed with no room for pity. We lived in a house owing to my stepmother’s refusal to live in a trailer.
Having an abusive stepmother also contributed problems. I never did fit in anywhere as child, apart from the local gypsy site. However my art gave me so much release. Other children – adults and schools and even Sunday school alike towered a vile cruel stigma; I was polluting society.

By the time I had reached High School I was creating posters for the local youth club. This may not be much to shout about, but for me it meant I was not invisible to all outsiders. However my visibility failed the test of time when I left High School at 13 due to raising my 4 siblings’ while living in a house of prostitution.
I had my first child at the age of 15. Soon I was forced in to an arranged marriage by my stepmother at the age of 16, to which I became a victim domestic violence and constant gang rapes.

At the age of 18 I had twin boys, so I had three beautiful children, however no support and living in a hostile marriage coupled with society. My youngest son was born when I was 26.

For 15 years’ I sustained the vileness within the marriage until I eventually I managed to escape a mad man’s clutches and divorced in 1992.

I did have a phenomenal devoted father who encouraged my talent from an early age. He shared his wisdom and provided strength I never knew I had to survive life’s chains mountains and walls.
I am dyslexic so I interpret words and emotions using colour along with inventing worlds of humankind inside my art. A painting will take form in how I feel or even to portray a powerful message.
I use art to create human emotion. Some of my art collections express the darker side of humanity, while other collections express the fun and loving side. I particularly like the
Off-Spring Collection which contains paintings that express children’s fantasy worlds. I also love to paint Welsh Landscapes which I try to express the greatness of nature by the use of colour.
Each art piece comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.
On the 15th October 2011 my book Amazing Welsh Art 2010 will be available to buy. There will be more on this nearer the date.
I like to feel that my art expresses human emotion.

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