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"She said : I am a room..."
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Laurence de Sainte-Maréville IS THE FEBRUARY 2003 ARTIST OF THE MONTH (WINNER).

The Digital Color(Digital consciousness) jury grants this Award to an outstanding contemporary artist each month.

Laurence de Sainte-Maréville est L'ARTISTE DU MOIS (Février 2003 : PREMIERE LAUREATE). Digital Consciousness Concours International mensuel de Dessin, Peinture et Graphisme.


"Rather than recreating what I see, I prefer to interpret what I perceive. It is necessary to be at least two in one to make an artistic creation. One who builds and one who sees. The ideal would be that each "reader" could recreate the painting, the poem, or any other form of art, with his own intonations, his past, the movements of his/hers inner soul waves. The second thunderbolt strike has more importance than the first, it is the one which remains alive.

The wheel turns, I make a patchwork of scraps and tend to read "ourselves."
Certain lives are spelling themselves within, in which I find in myself fragmented. I know only your words, pencils of sun, those which thread between the shade and the light its mysterious side.
The flow of my brushes foams on the fine stone of your glances. The box of faces slipping into my pocket, I push life at my measure, and untie simply its cord with a voice... "


"Se frictionner de couleurs et de mots, bouffée tonique ; ou bien encore les laisser filer, partage en tous sens, alors que ceux-ci n'ont pas la même signification, la même résonance pour tout à chacun ; quelle étrange activité !
Serait-ce procéder à un émiettement ou à un remodelage de soi ?
Aucune certitude. Le choix ne m'est pas laissé. J'achoppe sur les mémoires, ces tégénaires. Je ne sais que les guillochures mises à nue, le vertige incongru, l'exil, le tumulte des phrases et des formes.
Certains jambages ou tracés de pinceaux, singulièrement, me laissent démantelée, me dessillent - l'un ou les deux à la fois - spirales du dos étirées, me projettent hors du temps et de l'espace, en eau vive. Quels sont les buts de l'expression? de cet ensemencement sur les saisons...

Faudra-t-il parler toutes les langues ?
...Apprendre probablement à ne plus toujours s'empaler sur les lignes, sortir les barbelés de la toile et faire rêver aussi dans l'embrasure - l'espace d'un souffle - en eau profonde. "



"I meet again with the same enjoyment Laurence dSM's texts with the same qualities, one being in my opinion to mix the styles : both poetry and narrative writing, images and a touch of theatre flavour. And more, she writes in good and well-balanced french".

YVES HEURTE, writer, theatre author, poet and more... (published in Gallimard, Le Seuil... The major publishers in France).


" Talented in writing and drawing, Laurence de Sainte Maréville is more and more often asked by professionals to bring them her vision, both universal and very personal.

Each of her works speaks directly to the most intimate part of the viewer, but as you return to the drawing, you realize that each time you see it you discover something new.

L.dSM works both for internet and paper medias. Here are some samples of her recent publications (only graphics, writing not included. She's also a short story and poetry writer published in numerous magazines) :

- Illustrations on september 2002 for a french magazine, "L'instant du monde" (graphic art and literature, images printed on high resolution glossy paper). Illustrations are part of an exhibition in Sete (south of France), during the festival "Childhood and diving", with famous divers (like Enzo Maiorca), and artists.

- Banner creator for an american scientific site (site is about dynamic high technology medical instrumentation).

- Creator of La Page Blanche's logo (black and white, this beautifully-shaped magazine is about poetry and literature).

- Illustrator of Pages Libres and creator of Pages Libre's logo (color), an important french-speaking web-based magazine about literature. Year 2002.

- Creator of Francopolis' logo (color), click here :

- Creator of an diet food shop's logo, "Label Forme" (and shop sign), situated in the french southern city of Nimes. June 2002.

- Paintings and writings for a CD-Rom, "Sea and Mountain", which gathers poetries from artists of the whole world. Published : year 2003.

- Illustrations chosen by Librairie and galerie Racine (bookstore and also publisher, situated in Quartier Latin, cultural heart of Paris), for a theme contest about "Eros and poetry". The illustrations were published simultaneaously on 3 partner sites. Years 2001-2002.

- Laurence de Sainte-Maréville also writes and draws for children and you can ask her a unique gift : a story especially written and illustrated for your child.

Like a house, her talent has several rooms, but in each one you will recognize the unique fragrance of this french emerging artist's work, who can can spend several days on a single detail, to give you in the end this impression that there is always a picture behind the picture.

Laurence de Sainte Maréville's art is a whole world to discover. Her drawings both remind us of our inner nature and gives us new landscapes to explore. "

S. Méliade, french writer

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