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After a couple of years at Art College studying graphics, having dropped out in 1970 and consequently gaining no qualifications, the next 22 years saw a variety of occupations engaged in such as, Gardener/Handyman, Tyre Fitter, Milkman, Farm Labourer, Postman and Plant Hire operative.

Then in 1992, an opportunity came along by my being introduced to a local community arts organisation in Gillingham Kent (England) and for a short time this led to making a comeback to art. Through the kind help of my contacts gained with the Organisation, a number of small exhibitions, in which some work sold, were held locally. Whilst with the Community Arts group I got to know Artist Philip Absolon, then a team member and who is currently a prominent member of the radical "Stuckist Art" Movement. Although not agreeing with some of their philosophy (no disrespect intended), Philip's Naive Art style is interesting and to me has merit conveying a definite message. You can find his details on Wikipedia.

In conjunction with a passion for art, music is also a great love. Guitar and Mandolin Playing were being put to good use which enabled a two year period of "Floor Spot" playing at my local Folk Club. In many ways this was catching up with "Lost Time"

As Confucius says though "All good things must come to an end" and the contract with the Community Arts organisation ended, most contact with art was lost again leading to the same procedure repeating itself, taking on any job that I could do that came along. Such occupations worked at were at a Call Centre, at a Car Dealership as a Warranty Clerk, The Tax Office, Rigging Company, a Furniture Retail Company and a financial products Company until the day came when the proverbial "Sorry John the Company has run out of money, you've got to go." At that point it seemed sensible to try and work for myself, and, with persistence was able to build a client base of gardening customers and guitar tuition pupils.

Now four and a half years later I am happily working as a freelance mobile guitar teacher and gardener and have been able to sell four paintings this year (not for a fantastic amount I hasten to add)

It is a pleasure to paint from imagination but sometimes I need the added stimulus of reference material;

Landscapes and Psychedelics are favourite subjects because if you make a mistake when painting or drawing one, you just turn it into a part of the picture. Artist Bob Ross said, "We don't make mistakes here, we just have happy accidents."

To be honest it's a real struggle for me drawing portraits and people, as it is not my strong point no matter how much I try.

A critic once said to me "You don't have a recognisable style." Ironically perhaps that is my style? If my art is enjoyable to look at, I hope you the valued viewer can see something happy, peaceful, serene, warm, mysterious, unusual, fascinating, and vibrant and I would like to think, of interest to you.

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