Motherly Affection

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John O. Afolayan developed interest in Art right from his Childhood. He recieved his artistic training and scholastic exposures in Nigeria, Which he continues to develop constantly under the the spiritual light and radiation of the Ultimate Creative One.

Born in Osogbo, a Yoruba town in the region of Osun in Nigeria, not more than 18 miles away from the ancient city of Ife, the cradle of the Yoruba Universe. Put simply, John is committed to the artistic creation and promotion of the Classical and Contemporary African Art and heritage towards the development of the universal beings and environments.

John (also known or been referred to as "Father John") is renowned for his masterful Art and design in classical and contemporary Paintings, Sculputural works, Graphic Art and design, Textile Art and design, Woven Tapestry, Wood Pannel work, Photographic art and design, Mural works, Poetry, Book Writing, Installation Art and Advertorial signs.

His work had been appreciated, recognised, collected, exhibited and published by private individuals, Corporate bodies and Organisations, Institutions and Galleries in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Cote D'ivoire, France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Canada, Ukraine Russia and United States of America.

John owns private art galleries in Osogbo(Nigeria), Badagry(Nigeria) and Porto-novo(Republic of Benin); where he gives workshops and exposes his works on a regular basis.John holds permanent exhibitions in private galleries, Museums and Institution in Osogbo (Nigeria), Badagry (Nigeria),
Porto-novo (Benin Republic) Oakland (California USA), Rockhm (california, USA).

FrJohn is willing and ready to Take Art commisions, collaborate in developing Art projects or installations, work in partnership with Art Galleries, Institutes or Musseums; as long as the beauty of African traditions and heritage will be trully appreciated and promoted.

John is a member of Nigerian National Museum Society (ARTIST), Osogbo in Osun State, an executive member of Association of Tourism Practitionners of Nigeria (ATPN), Osun State Chapters, a member of Confedration of Osun State professional Artist, an official member of Missionary Arts Project Group, California, USA. I am also a member of the Friend of the Gallery, National Gallery of Arts, Nigeria; associate artist, vlad art group, moorpark, California, USA;
Associate Artist, Centre OUADADA, porto-novo, Republic of Benin and a Liscense Member, Chatered Ministerial Association (CMA-Rc5074),Nigeria.Also an executive member of African Heritage Consolidation Institute, West Africa.
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