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Bronwyn’s work spans many genres covering landscape, abstract and portraiture where she captures the essence of her subject with boldness and sensitivity.

She has been the recipient of many awards for her paintings which have continued to grow in popularity both locally and internationally. She is perhaps best known for her emotive, luminescent landscapes and her work in portraiture.

In her landscapes, Bronwyn beckons the viewer to enter the space within the painting, creating their own personal journey and dialogue. Her work invites a sense of mood or memory, a feeling or emotion that captures a moment in time. Her work is often both dramatic and ethereal which is further highlighted with wonderful details of distant horizons or closer areas that claim the viewer’s attention.

“In all my work, my goal is to remain truthful in my response to a subject. From this response I like to draw out a type of mystical quality from a scene, allowing room for imagination to create it’s own reality. In this way the viewer can make their own connection with the painting in a very personal way.”

Bronwyn's artwork has amazing depth of colour and atmosphere. Her understanding and manipulation of the materials she uses is indicative in all her work which has often been compared to that of renowned artist J. M. W. Turner, although her palette offers a modern take.

“I have an eternal fascination with light: the effects with various pigments, the source and colour of the light, and the way in which it either falls on – or emanates from various subjects. I often use stark tonal values, enhancing space, depth and the illusion of the 3 dimensional within a two dimensional plane.”
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