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Sculptress and artist Anna Chromy was born in Bohemia of a German father and a Czech mother. Her early artistic training was in the decidedly multinational and central European mould - a half way house between French rationalism and Slavonic spirit, between Prussian discipline and Italian vivacity. After her studies in Vienna her real artistic career began in Paris under the guidance of Salvator Dalì.

She moved there in 1970 and studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Her intense pictorial activity led to numerous solo exhibitions in major European and American cities including Munich, Madrid, Paris, Lille, New York, Boston, Kiev, Prague, Bratislava and Seville.

From the beginning of the '90's she has dedicated herself prevalently to sculpture, creating her large-scale works in the studios and bronze foundries of Pietrasanta. Thus she has united to her pictorial production of a surreal matrix revealing a strong temperament for the visionary and fantastic, a sculptural production inspired by the Baroque, dominated by a sense of movement, rhythm and dance and enlivened by a vigorous, refined scalpel.

The world of music and opera have inspired her most recurrent themes. Of particular importance is her bronze group dedicated to Mozart's "Don Giovanni" in which all the opera's characters are evoked in life-size works of an extraordinary allegorical liveliness. Over the last decade the sculptress has divided her activities between her studio, the art foundries of Pietrasanta and her home in the Principality of Monte Carlo. Many of her works are present in prestigious museums, private collections and theatres both in Europe and the U.S.A.
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